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Marcin Matczak - professor

23.02.2021 We were delighted to learn that the title of professor has been conferred on a DZP partner, Marcin Matczak. This is an accolade from the Council for Scientific Excellence and the wider academic community for Marcin's academic output over the past twenty years.

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Wojciech Koczara joins DZP team of Partners

01.02.2021 We are pleased to announce that, at the beginning of February 2021, Wojciech Koczara joined our law firm as a Partner. Wojciech will enhance our Real Estate Practice and work together with its current head, Lech Żyżylewski.

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Guide to M&A transactions

06.10.2020 At the beginning of September, Wolters Kluwer published a book unique on the Polish market: Guide to M&A transactions, which discusses selected issues of modern M&A in a systematic manner. The Guide was written by lawyers from our Corporate and M&A Practice – Bartosz Marcinkowski, Maciej Ciszkiewicz, Sylwia Kuca, Michał Kucharski and Marcin Kuliński, who have at least several years’ experience in M&A.

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