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Q&A guide to pharmaceutical IP and competition law in Poland


Dr Aleksandra Auleytner
Tomasz Kaczyński
Maciej Żelewski

A Q&A guide to pharmaceutical IP and competition law in Poland.

The Q&A gives a high level overview of key issues including patents, trade marks, competition law, patent licensing, generic entry, abuse of dominance and parallel imports.

For information on pharmaceutical pricing and state funding, manufacturing, marketing, clinical trials, advertising, labelling, and product recall and liability, visit Medicinal product regulation and product liability in Poland: overview.

To compare answers across multiple jurisdictions, visit the Pharmaceutical IP and competition Country Q&A tool.

Full content of the article is available at: https://uk.practicallaw.thomsonreuters.com/3-633-4005?__lrTS=20171007182530792&transitionType=Default&contextData=(sc.Default) 

Source: Practical Law Global Guides - Thomson Reuters, 2017

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