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Understanding Chinese Business Culture


Krzysztof A. Zakrzewski

DZP law firm has been described as the leader in its field in Poland. What hard facts support this assertion?

For the past seven years we have been named the largest law firm by the Rzeczpospolita daily, the business community’s newspaper of choice. We employ over 140 lawyers, and including auxiliary staff our team numbers about 250. As Poland’s leading law firm, we boast a multinational team - at present our employees include lawyers from various European countries and Asia. We do our best to serve our clients from all over the world in their native languages and by taking account of the specifics of their business culture.

How broad is the firm’s experience in working with Chinese businesses?

We have worked with clients from China for many years now. We treat this as a priority, as shown by the professional publications we have published in Chinese and by our participation in many events boosting Chinese- Polish business relations. We advise Chinese companies with an extensive range of profiles, from the financial, telecommunications, construction, real estate and shopping center sectors to industry (from bicycles to advanced electronics).

Source: The Warsaw Voice, May 2010

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