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A guide to doing business in Poland


Download the 2010 version of Doing Business in Poland. The aim of this publication is to familiarise potential investors with the basics of the Polish business environment and to facilitate informed decision-making by providing pertinent information. Consequently, it is hoped that investors will be better placed to assess investment opportunities and weigh up potential benefits against potential risks. Each of the eight chapters in Doing Business in Poland offers an authoritative summary of one key area of the business environment.

These areas are: general business climate and investment incentives, company law, real estate, taxation, employment regulations, competition law, capital markets, accounting and auditing. The present publication is intended as a guide for investors with limited knowledge of the Polish economy. While the information it contains was to the best of our knowledge correct at the time of writing, the rapid pace of change in Poland means that laws and regulations are unlikely to remain static. We would therefore urge readers to treat this publication as a general overview and to seek specific advice before any investment decisions are made. Doing Business in Poland is written by professionals from Ernst & Young in co-operation with professionals from Domański Zakrzewski Palinka in legal matters. The authors are all leading specialists in their field, with a proven track-record in providing expert advice to domestic and foreign clients about all aspects of the Polish economy.

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