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Prevention of corruption – new ISO standard 37001:2016



Dr Anna Partyka-Opiela



From 1 January, for the first time it is possible to acquire a certificate of compliance of implemented policies and procedures relating to the prevention of corruption. Abovementioned provides a new, certified ISO standard – 37001.

The implementation of internal procedures in accordance with ISO standard 37001 will not only positively influence on raising the awareness of all employees working in anti-corruption sector, but it will also create an opportunity to present to other organizations, customers and contractors that certain organization applies high compliance standards.

Being in possession of an anti-corruption system compliant with the ISO requirements, creates the necessary security framework for the organization management and provides an evidence that the organization has made an effort to react against the possibility of the corruption in its structures. Aforesaid may be important in the context of public procurements or in the event of conducting proceedings against organization under the Act on the liability of collective entities (i.e. companies and other organizations), in which proving due diligence of organization in the field of prevention of corruption may have a significant impact on avoiding responsibility.

ISO standard 37001:2016, should be certified, so that the organization may confirm that it had implemented the internationally recognized good practices of anti-corruption control.

The unique advantage of this standard is that it is intended to be implemented in any organization - both in private companies and public institutions, also as a part of the currently existing risk management system.

Anticorruption ISO standard 37001: 2016 is the first such regulation in the world, which is:

  • universal - for any organization, regardless of its:
    • size - for small, medium and very big,
    • business activity - for the private, public sector and non-profit organizations,
    • legal form - for companies, state-owned enterprises, associations, organizations, etc.,
  • global – for all organizations all over the world.

Summary of the new ISO standard 37001:2016

Undoubtedly, from every organization’s point of view - both private and public - cheaper solution is to prevent and counteract corruption than to remedy its negative effects later on.

The implementation of the solutions set out by ISO standard 37001 will surely be an opportunity to strengthen currently existing solutions for compliance and to ensure credibility of your organization in relations with other entities.

DZP has an extensive experience in implementing compliance solutions in organizations - including those based on the standards imposed by ISO and concerning the anti-corruption systems (ISO 37001: 2016).

On our new DZP Compliance Blog (https://blog.dzp.pl/compliance/) are going to inform about all matters relating to compliance and anti-corruption systems and frauds.

Full content of the legal alert is available in attached PDF.

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