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We provide legal advisory to former owners of nationalised real estate and their legal successors and to current owners (usufructuaries) of such real estate; we particularly:

  • carry out legal analyses of nationalised real estate in terms of the expediency of initiating or continuing already initiated reprivatisation proceedings and to develop strategies to defend against reprivatisation claims,
  • represent clients in all types of court and administrative proceedings involving nationalised real estate,
  • carry out legal analyses of real estate in terms of reprivatisation claims and assess the legal risks arising from trading and investing in such real estate,
  • advise on inheritance law for the purpose of bringing reprivatisation claims,
  • provide full-range services associated with reprivatisation claims.

We also provide direct access to specialist services, e.g. searching archive materials (preliminary archive searches), real estate appraisal and management, and land surveying.

For more information about Domański Zakrzewski Palinka's reprivatisation activity click here.

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