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Infrastructure financing and debt issue

We advise on all aspects of project finance, infrastructure investment in the state and municipal sector, transactions involving private investors and real estate financing. We specialise in servicing loan and debt financing transactions (bonds, mortgage bonds, bank securities and investment certificates) for both borrowers, issuers and financing institutions. We draw up, negotiate and provide opinions on, among other things:

  • loan agreements
  • issue agreements and conditions of issue
  • security documents
  • entrustment documents

Our team members have worked on numerous infrastructure projects in Poland, from assessing creditworthiness, through proposing optimum financing models, particularly for local government authorities, to closing financing projects based on optimum security models that mitigate credit risks.

Our experts also have unique experience in projects involving the financing of airports, public transport, waste and water management facilities, and sports, residential and medical facilities.

Our lawyers have many years’ experience in implementing a wide range of infrastructure financing structures: typical secured transactions, structured finance transactions, bond financing and other customised financing solutions. They are also experienced in designing and implementing tailormade, non-standard financing structures.

We also specialise in public debt issues and the impact of transactions on local government debt ratios. We model solutions ensuring that municipal companies can raise funds to finance infrastructure serving to implement the tasks entrusted to them without burdening local government budgets.

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