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Dispute over perpetual usufruct to real estate in Warsaw


Lech Żyżylewski
Piotr Gołaszewski

DZP's Real Estate Practice has successfully advised the Malaysia Embassy in a dispute with the capital city of Warsaw over the perpetual usufruct to real estate in the centre of Warsaw purchased many years ago for diplomatic purposes.

The Regional Court finally and non-revisably upheld Malaysia's claim after a case lasting several years involving complex and often precedential issues relating to public real estate law, civil law (substantive and procedural) and diplomatic law (i.e. procedural and substantive problems concerning real estate used or intended for diplomatic purposes). DZP's Real Estate Practice is particularly specialised in issues of this type, using, e.g. the experience gained when handling the notorious real estate case against the Republic of Serbia and rendering real estate services to the Portuguese Embassy in Warsaw.

The Malaysia Embassy was advised by DZP lawyers Lech Żyżylewski, Partner, and Piotr Gołaszewski, Associate.

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