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Polish/Spanish consortium to collect waste from Poznan agglomeration


On 7 August 2014 Związek Międzygminny "Gospodarka Odpadami Aglomeracji Poznańskiej” [Poznan Agglomeration Waste Management Inter-municipal Association] signed a contract with a consortium of the companies FB Serwis SA and Cespa Compañia Española de Servicios Públicos Auxiliares SA for the collection of mixed and green municipal waste and for management of separately collected waste in the Poznan agglomeration.

From 1 January 2015, the Polish/Spanish consortium will collect waste from 4 sectors, i.e. Grunwald, Piątkowo, Rataje and Winogrady. Approximately 40% of all the Association's inhabitants live in this sector. The services will be provided for 36 months.

The contract was concluded as the outcome of two public procurement procedures. DZP advised the Polish/Spanish consortium on drawing up the winning bid and during appeal proceedings before the National Appeal Board.

Key lawyers engaged in the advisory were Katarzyna Kuźma (Partner), Daniel Chojnacki (Counsel), Karolina Szymczak (Senior Associate) and Michał Wojciechowski (Associate) in DZP's Infrastructure and Energy Practice.

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