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AIJA’s Commission Month: Environmental and Energy Law Commission Day


Katarzyna Kuźma

On 18 November 2020 join AIJA’s Commission Month and participate in the Environmental and Energy Law Commission Day. Katarzyna Kuźma, Partner in DZP’s Infrastructure & Energy Practice, will be speaking on sustainability requirements in tenders during a workshop addressing highlights of national reports regarding circularity.

About the Environmental and Energy Law Commission Day:

  • Date: 18 November 2020  /  14:45 - 19:00 CET

Most world’s economies are not maintaining a good pace with today’s demanding and abrupt changes. This lack of innovation strongly affects our environment. Raw materials are shrinking and its traditional linear system does not support a sustainable economy anymore.

Thus, a circular economy, by disrupting current means of production, consumption, and waste, prompting a prolific environment for innovative endeavors, should be a solution to the scarce linear economy of raw materials and energy.

Policies in Asia, Europe and the Americas are incorporating mandates on eco-design and shared responsibilities between national governments, companies, and individuals. These mandates and cooperation between parties are challenging traditional legislative methods to include a more circular economy thinking/approach into several areas of practice.

Our E&E Commission wants to give you an overview within the fascinating and innovative field of circular economy.


14:45 » 15:00 Commission Day Opening
Introduction given by the AIJA President and the Energy & Environment Commission President

15:00 » 15:45 Keynote lecture on Circular Economy by Patrick Vandenbempt from Facadeclick, and coffee break
Keynote speaker Patrick VANDENBEMPT (Facadeclick) will discuss how his Belgian company with international ambitions started in 2016 with the production of circular walls, the legal encumbrances and his view on the future of circularity as an entrepreneur. Interview done by Jeroen De Coninck. 
The interview will be followed by an informal Q&A session.

16:00 » 16:45 Workshop addressing national report highlights, and interview with Katarzyna Kuźma on sustainability requirements in tenders.
A roundup on the country reports regarding circularity – open discussion moderated by Jeroen De Coninck
Following the discussion, Carlos Del Razo will interview Katarzyna Kuzma – Public Procurement, circularity and sustainability – a practical view on how circularity is taken care by governments.

17:00 » 18:15 Webinar discussing Circular Economy policies across regions
Panel discussion about circularity in Europe, LATAM and Asia

  • Jonas Voorter, Phd Student UHasselt, Belgium


  • Carlos Del Razo, Mexico
  • Stephan Korte, Germany
  • Vikas Saraswat, India

18:30 » 19:00 Speed Networking
Speed-dating to connect with people with interest in Environmental & Energy Law (in cooperation with the Public Procurement Interest Group).

More information on the speakers, the schedule and registration details can be found on AIJA’s website: https://www.aija.org/en/event-detail/587

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