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Webinar: Producer's responsibility for the management of waste generated from their products



Daniel Chojnacki
Maciej Białek


Infrastructure and Energy

On 27 April at 10.00am, a webinar entitled "Producer's responsibility for the management of waste generated from their products" will take place and Daniel Chojnacki, Counsel and Maciej Białek, Senior Associate from the Infrastructure and Energy Practice will be the speakers. The event is organized by DZP together with the Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Advantage Austria, the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland.

Poland is in the process of implementing new EU extended producer responsibility requirements. The general assumption of the reform is to significantly increase the financial outlays of businesses on the management of waste generated from their products. This applies to all entities placing packaged products on the Polish market.

Our experts will present the existing schemes and obligations of businesses related to the Waste Database ("BDO"), cooperation with recovery organisations and related reporting obligations. Moreover, they will focus on the pending reform and the current status of legislative work.

Registration via the electronic registration form is obligatory.

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