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31st IPBA Annual Meeting and Conference in Dubai



Katarzyna Kuźma


Infrastructure and Energy


Environmental protection
Public procurement

The 31st IPBA Annual Meeting and Conference will be held on 7-10 March 2023 in Dubai, with the main theme this year being law and the environment after the pandemic: “One World: Law and the Environment Beyond Covid”. This four-day conference is a unique gathering where participants can learn about the Asian perspective by taking part in specialist panels covering a variety of legal issues, while also providing a platform for lawyers from around the world to share knowledge and insights.

During the conference, Katarzyna Kuźma, Partner in DZP’s will take part in a panel “Environmental criteria when awarding public contracts”. During the session, topics such as green public procurement and sustainable development will be discussed. In addition to Katarzyna, the panel will include lawyers from Spain, Lithuania and the United Arab Emirates.

The registration form and the conference programme can be found on the organiser's website.

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