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Food Supplements: Trading More Effectively Throughout The EU



Michał Czarnuch
Michał Tracz


Life Sciences


Food law

On 27 October in Brussels the European Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturers (EHPM) is holding workshops on Food Supplements: Trading More Effectively Throughout The EU during which experts from DZP’s Life Sciences Practice are to speak. Michał Czarnuch, Senior Associate, will lead a workshop on Examples of market access issues, and Michał Tracz, Associate – A detailed overview of the regulatory structure in place for food supplements.

The EHPM represents 1,679 manufacturers of specialist food supplements from 13 European countries. The Federation is working towards developing an appropriate regulatory environment for the medical devices sector, based on the belief that appropriate food law regulation will ensure the free movement of these products across Europe.

The aim of these workshops is to give participants practical information on how to introduce  products to the market across the EU and how to eliminate market barriers. They will also answer the main questions faced by businesses seeking to launch products on the market in a particular EU Member State and will give information on market data and evolving consumer trends.

More details of this event are available at: http://www.ehpm.org/

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