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FRA report: personal data protection in Europe


The European Union's Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) has published a report on a survey of personal data protection remedies. The survey indicates the most important problems with bringing claims for infringement of personal data in the EU. Bartosz Marcinkowski, Partner and expert on personal data protection at DZP, was one of those involved in drawing up the country report and he participated in the survey carried out by FRA. He also took part in a seminar "FRA report on personal data protection remedies".

The survey was carried out from April to September 2012 in sixteen EU countries (among others, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Great Britain) and more than 350 interviews were held with persons who had brought claims or decided not to bring claims for infringement of personal data. The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in co-operation with FRA through the FRANET network drew up a country report within the survey.

Personal data infringement is usually related to internet processing. Respondents most frequently indicated problems with data protection when using social media or making on-line purchases. They also frequently pointed out personal data infringement in the workplace. The survey highlighted cases where personal data is taken from employees' computers or where employers disclose the data of their subordinates to third parties.

The FRA report (in English) is available here.

FRA also published a handbook on personal data protection which is available here.

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