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DZP joins Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce


We are pleased to announce that our law firm has become a member of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. The Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce is one of the oldest bilateral chambers of commerce in Poland and has worked for over 20 years for the development of mutual business and cultural relations.

PUIG-logoWorking with the Chamber will give our experts the opportunity to play an active part in conferences, business missions and other business events in both Poland and Ukraine.

DZP’s co-operation with the Chamber will be co-ordinated by Tomasz Darowski, Jerzy Sawicki and Tatyana Koryakina.

For many years now the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce has been implementing initiatives to support Polish-Ukrainian relations, leading to professional promotion of and business support for Polish investors in Ukraine and Ukrainian investors in Poland. It has also set up a platform for co-operation with Polish, Ukrainian and international business and cultural organisations.

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