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DZP becomes a member of GOCA


We are pleased to announce that our law firm has become an associate member of the Global Offset and Countertrade Association (GOCA). The purpose of the Association, which was founded in 1986, is to promote trade between US producers and exporters and their foreign customers involved in various forms of countertrade, barter and offset.

goca logo minAmong GOCA's members are some of the largest US, European and Asian firms in the defence, aerospace, electronic, energy, communications and IT sectors.

The Association offers  a forum for companies to meet and exchange experiences  in international trade, investment and finances. It focuses on developing and creating a contact network in order to help its members initiate and facilitate trade and investment in countries that:

  • could require an industrial partner/offset co-operation in both civil and defence areas,
  • have restrictions on access to hard currency,
  • need financing or have investment requirements that are a condition precedent for supply contracts being awarded.

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