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Prestigious distinction for DZP's Tax Practice


Artur Nowak
Jan Czerwiński
Paweł Suchocki

On 20 June, Rzeczpospolita daily announced the results of its 10th Ranking of Tax Advisory Firms. For the first time, the Ranking Committee awarded successes in 3 categories: wins in court, prestigious transactions and innovative solutions.

We are extremely pleased to inform you that our case, i.e. Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) judgment of 29 September 2015 (II FSK 3173/12) on taxation of professional athletes, was distinguished by the Ranking Committee in the "wins in court" category. This category honours judgments of critical importance to taxpayers that increase their protection in relations with the tax authorities.

The selection was made by a special Ranking Committee led by Prof. Hanna Litwińczuk assisted by renowned representatives of the academic world, the Polish Chamber of Tax Advisers and business organisations: Prof. Jadwiga Glumińska-Pawlic, Prof. Elżbieta Chojna-Duch, Prof. Bogumił Brzeziński, Cezary Kaźmierczak, Piotr Kamiński and Ewa Usowicz.

Congratulations to the Tax Practice, especially to Artur Nowak, Jan Czerwiński and Paweł Suchocki, who advised the client.

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