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Bartosz Marcinkowski is a doctor of law


Dr Bartosz Marcinkowski

We are extremely pleased to inform that on 27 June Bartosz Marcinkowski, Partner in Corporate and M&A Practice, obtained his doctorate in law. Bartosz defended his doctoral dissertation entitled "Legal administrative issues of appropriateness of the level of protection of personal data by the example of the US federal law".

The dissertation written at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński Warsaw University Faculty of Law and Administration presents the legal, social and historical context of the described issues. It portrays the differences in the recognition and settlement of individual rights in Polish and American systems and the development of systemic convergence and interoperability.

Data privacy for many years now is Bartosz's lifelong passion, which he develops in his professional practice and academic life. Public defense was the culmination of his nine-year study devoted to this issue.

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