How to get ready to be a Data Protection Officer?

Data Protection Officer (DPO). Law and technology. Comprehensive course – summer edition.

How to get ready to be a Data Protection Officer?


Dr Bartosz Marcinkowski
Wojciech Dziomdziora
Agnieszka Kaczmarek
Michał Kluska
Justyna Tyc
Jędrzej Stępniowski

“Copernican revolution” in personal data processing

From 25 May 2018, personal data processing will take place in an entirely new legal environment: the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) directly affects rights and obligations of entities based in and out of the EU.

Due to this change, the data processing risk will move to an entirely different level, and compliant data processing will become even more vital for enterprises. It is extremely important to ensure that personal data are processed lawfully as the GDPR will tighten up the personal data processing regulations considerably.

Comprehensive DPO course

We have prepared a comprehensive course combining legal and technology aspects for those who are responsible for personal data security and protection at firms and are preparing to serve as Data Protection Officers.

The course syllabus is divided into five modules to provide the necessary knowledge in the areas of DPO activity: law, technology, risk management, compliance and IT security. The course will include five weekend meetings planned so that the participants can combine learning at the course with other responsibilities, interests and activities.

The comprehensive DPO course means:

  • ten days of practical classes: five meetings / five modules / eighty hours;
  • maximum thirty members of the group, so that each participant can present his/her concerns and get solutions;
  • case studies, exercises and workshops;
  • practitioner speakers and expert lecturers;
  • experience sharing platform – inspiration and discussions;
  • networking.

Benefits to participant

  • you will learn what you are responsible for as a DPO
  • you will get forms of documents necessary in your daily work as a DPO
  • you will become aware of IT security issues based on current (and planned) legal regulations and case law
  • you will learn how to fulfil DPO tasks effectively, including using dedicated software
  • you will strengthen your management skills
  • you will know how to avoid errors in communication with the supervision authority
  • you will get a new perspective in your actions owing to discussions and interactions with lecturers and other participants

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