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Marcin Matczak - professor


We were delighted to learn that the title of professor has been conferred on a DZP partner, Marcin Matczak. This is an accolade from the Council for Scientific Excellence and the wider academic community for Marcin's academic output over the past twenty years.

Marcin graduated from the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wrocław, where he was awarded a Doctor of Law degree in 2002 for his thesis entitled Power of public administrative authorities. In 2011, at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw he was awarded a postdoctoral degree (doktor habilitowany) in law based on his academic achievements and a dissertation entitled Summa iniuria. On errors of formalism in law application. Marcin became an associate professor at Warsaw University’s Faculty of Law and Administration in 2019. He has written over fifty Polish and foreign academic works, including two monographs.

Marcin has worked at DZP for many years. He is a renowned specialist in constitutional law and regulatory advice, among other things, and is the author of numerous applications for economic law regulations of doubtful compliance with the Constitution to be declared unconstitutional and counsel in proceedings before the Constitutional Court. He is also actively involved in activities for the development of civil society and defence of the rule of law.

Marcin, congratulations!

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