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Aleksandra Auleytner on the board of the New Technologies Law Association for the 2024-2026 term of office


On 12 June, members of the management board of the New Technologies Law Association were appointed for the 2024-2026 term of office. Aleksandra Auleytner, Head of the IP&TMT Practice, who advises, inter alia, technology companies on implementation and maintenance contracts, and on other typical IT sector contracts, was appointed to this role together with six other experts.

The Association has been active since 2019 and brings together lawyers specialising in new technologies law. Its main objective is to integrate lawyers and promote knowledge in the field of TMT by, inter alia, preparing reports and studies and organising training courses and conferences in this field. The Association has seven working groups which are active in the areas of:

  • cybersecurity,
  • fintech,
  • e-commerce,
  • innovations,
  • internet and media,
  • IT,
  • GDPR and ePrivacy.

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