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Discussion on the notion of competition as a subject of state interventionism


Dr Tomasz Zielenkiewicz

In the latest edition of the European Competition Law Review, Tomasz Zielenkiewicz, Senior Associate from the Infrastructure and Energy Practice, discusses the notion of competition as a subject of state interventionism.

The article analyses the essential meaning of competition from the point of view of economic analyses of competition regulations, as well as state interventions in a broader senseMarket and economic instability have increased in recent times, bringing an expansion and intensification of public interventionism that is targeting both individual business owners as well as entire sectors and industries. The economic environment and the circumstances for market competition are currently being shaped by governments’ responses and actions. Obviously, such reactions should be optimal from an economic standpoint, being cost-effective on the one hand and maximizing social welfare on the other. From the perspective of economic assessments of competition regulations as well as governmental interventions in a more general sense, the concept of competition is crucial. The author introduces readers to the complexity of the notion of competition, emphasizing that it is difficult to find a single, universally accepted understanding of the concept.

About the publication: the European Competition Law Review provides a comprehensive updating service for competition or antitrust lawyers covering developments in EU law and the national laws of EU Member States, as well as the other major trading nations. The ECLR has an international network of correspondents, all leading practitioners in their jurisdictions, who provide expert analyses of key areas of competition law.

The full text of the article is available in the latest edition of the European Competition Law Review (2023 44 E.C.L.R., Issue 5, Thomson Reuters and Contributors).

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