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Report on legal protection systems in EU member states


Dr Wojciech Hartung

We would like to present you the report on legal protection measures in EU countries. The study was prepared by the experts of The Public Procurement Law Association and includes a proposal to extend the time limits for lodging a complaint, reduce the fee for bringing legal protection measures and introduce an obligation to provide parties and participants with pleadings before the hearing.

The authors of the report Anna Szymańska, Dr Wojciech Hartung and Dr Piotr Bogadanowicz also recommend that a single court be set up to hear appeals against decisions of the National Chamber of Appeal.

Full content of the report is available in the attached PDF and in the link below: http://www.stowarzyszeniepzp.pl/en/initiatives-projects/52-report-on-legal-protection-systems-in-eu-member-states-produced-by-the-association

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