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Legal framework for Industry 4.0 to be co-ordinated by Wojciech Dziomdziora


Wojciech Dziomdziora

We are pleased to announce that Wojciech Dziomdziora, Counsel in DZP's IP&TMT Practice, has been appointed Chairman of the Working Group regarding legal frameworks for the functioning of Industry 4.0, set up by the Ministry of Development.

As the Ministry notes, one of the most important challenges facing Poland is imminent demographic changes. An ageing population could mean a slow-down in productivity growth and also, given the budgetary shift to social transfers (e.g. expenditure on healthcare), a fall in funding for pro-development measures. High labour emigration is an additional burden on the demographic situation in Poland.
The response to internal and external challenges facing Polish industry is an effective industrial policy. It should, by proper implementation of re-industrialisation, boost development of new industrial sectors based on digital technologies that will require significant academic involvement and highly-qualified personnel.

The working group's mission is to indicate areas requiring legal measures to be taken to stimulate industrial development based on innovation and driven by IT solutions, especially big data, the Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems integrating computation and physical processes.


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