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Marcin Matczak joins the team of INFARMA Disciplinary Court


We are pleased to announce that on 16 November Dr hab. Marcin Matczak was registered by the Board of the INFARMA Employers' Union of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies as an expert to the Disciplinary Court. The decision was based on the fact that Dr Matczak's knowledge, experience and market awareness would provide the Court with material support.

The Employers' Union of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies was founded in August 2006 by firms making up the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies' Representatives. As with the Association, INFARMA's mission is to adopt initiatives that contribute to the creation of system-based solutions in the healthcare sector in Poland. These solutions should enable Polish patients to benefit from the latest and most effective treatments and bring Polish standards in line with best global norms.

INFARMA's activity is also aimed at bringing organisation to the medicines market in Poland by introducing clear medicine registration procedures and sound reimbursement rules.

The Association adopted the ethical principles introduced by the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies' Representatives for the promotion and marketing of medicines. The organisation also strives to ensure compliance with legal regulations in this respect. The firms associated in INFARMA abide by the Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Ethics. This document complies with the provisions of the Polish Pharmaceutical Law, European Union regulations, and the Code of Practice on the promotion of prescription-only medicines of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations.

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