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Diagnosis of the state of Polish media: Strategy for the development of the media market in Poland


We are pleased to announce that July saw the publication of a report entitled "Strategy for the development of the media market in Poland 2015-2020" [Strategia rozwoju rynku medialnego w Polsce 2015-2020]. The project leader and editor-in-chief was Wojciech Dziomdziora from DZP’s IP&TMT Practice. The report was published by the Art Media Film Foundation [Fundacja Sztuka Media Film], the first media think-tank in Poland.

The report is without doubt a pioneering work, describing in detail the state of the media market. In addition to comparative analyses between prior years and the current situation, Strategia, as the title itself indicates, contains a prognosis for the development of the Polish media market and a list of requirements that have to be fulfilled for the public good to be met in the media.

The report was drawn up by: Wojciech Dziomdziora (project leader and editor-in-chief), Prof. Tadeusz Miczka, Prof. Tadeusz Kowalski, Prof. Stanisław Piątek, Dr Dominik Batorski, Dr Andrzej Garapich, Dr Tomasz Gackowski and Agnieszka Ogrodowczyk.

The report is available at:

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