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Rzeczpospolita ranking – DZP in the forefront


On 18 April the national daily Rzeczpospolita once again honoured the biggest and best law firms. We are proud to announce that our law firm is again in the forefront of the ranking, taking 3rd place by total number of employees and 3rd place by number of advocates and attorneys-at-law.

Rzeczpospolita also drew up a quality ranking, where participating law firms recommended the best law firms and lawyers in particular areas of law. DZP took first place in company law and commercial law and the lawyer recommended in this category was Grzegorz Domański.

Rzeczpospolita also selected the biggest and most significant and innovative transactions in the past year. Among them were two in which our law firm was involved:

We trust that our experience and qualifications and our pro-active approach will allow us to maintain our leading position on the legal services market in future years.

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