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Support for medical start-ups – DZP to cooperate with Microsoft


On 20 October our Law Firm signed an agreement with Microsoft. Our cooperation is aimed at providing full-range support to start-ups in the healthcare sector.

In our experience, digitisation is one of the key challenges facing the Polish healthcare system. So we decided to enter into strategic cooperation with Microsoft. In our view, by combining forces with Microsoft's BizPark programme, we can offer start-ups in the medical sector the best possible development conditions.

DZP's Life Sciences Practice is the largest healthcare and pharmaceutical law team in Central and Eastern Europe. We have been involved in, e.g. drafting provisions on telemedicine and medical data outsourcing. Together with experts from other DZP teams, we offer support covering all legal aspects of the formation and development of companies on the healthcare market, e.g. in medical, tax, intellectual property law, and corporate advice.

For the purpose of our cooperation, our lawyers have prepared a special start-up package for young entrepreneurs using Microsoft's BizSpark programme, thanks to which each medical start-up will have the chance to:

  • attend an individual strategic workshop on legal business issues with our experts,
  • gain a free six-month package of legal consultation hours,
  • obtain additional hours' advice at preferential rates.

The requirement for using the package is for the entrepreneur to join the BizPark programme offered by Microsoft under which each start-up receives free software, free use of up to USD 60,000 of Microsoft's Azure cloud and other business development support.

Our cooperation with Microsoft has created a professional accelerator operating on a one-stop- shop basis for innovative healthcare enterprises in which medical start-ups can acquire full-range technological, legal and business support.

More information on the start-up package will shortly be published on our website. For more details of the project, please contact Piotr Najbuk, Associate in the Healthcare Team,

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