How does my legal partner work?


How to avoid cases of corruption and fraud in a company?


There is a growing need on the market for organisations to implement external systems for reporting irregularities (whistleblowing systems). Financial sector companies are required to have these systems. Announcements made by the Ministry of Justice and the Competition and Consumer Protection Office indicate that there will soon be a regulation that can impose this requirement on a wider circle of entities.

As a law firm that operates independently of these organisations, we offer to implement and administer systems for reporting cases of corruption and to carry out legal analyses of reports for public and private entities. We have long experience in developing solutions of this type and guarantee confidentiality and anonymity. The mechanisms and solutions created by scientific workers and applied in the programme ensure information and data security.

Our offer covers full-range system implementation, which means that together with start-up of the IT programme, individual reporting and data collection procedures tailor-made for each organisation are prepared.

We provide full management of reports by identifying them, risk assessment and legal analyses for both the reporting person and the organisation's management. We explain events or suspicions and carry out audits in order to clarify the scale of the fraud and to set the scope of liability.

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