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Second place in ComputerWorld 2018 IT Leaders competition


Marek Laskowski

Information security, better quality in document management processes, and innovation in business processes are objectives that our law firm has been committed to for years. We develop IT projects that help us in the implementation of business processes. In acknowledgement of our endeavours, DZP was awarded 2nd place in ComputerWorld’s 2018 IT Leaders competition in the Trade and Services category.

The aim of the competition is to promote the best and most mature ICT projects implemented by companies and public institutions in Poland. Main criteria are business value and innovativeness of projects delivered through ICT.

The competition jury recognised three projects recently carried out by DZP:

“Implementation of Fidelis Network anti-APT system”, aimed at raising the level of security of a company’s information assets and countering cyberattacks.

“Migrating document repository to LUCY system”, which led to increased document security at all work stages, gaining new quality in document management and work with documents, and culminated in the migration of over five million documents to the new repository while maintaining the continuity of our Law Firm’s work.

“Preparing an AI\Machine Learning system for linguistic analysis of legal texts”, thanks to which it is possible to create a learning ML/AI system to search for GDPR clauses in documents.

Effective implementation of all ICT projects in our Law Firm is supervised by Marek Laskowski, IT Department Director, who shared his knowledge with guests at the award ceremony during a presentation on “Digital transformation in the legal sector.”

We are proud to be able to offer our clients services of the highest quality, also thanks to innovative ICT solutions.

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