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Guide to M&A transactions

Guide to M&A transactions


At the beginning of September, Wolters Kluwer published a book unique on the Polish market: Guide to M&A transactions, which discusses selected issues of modern M&A in a systematic manner.

M&A transactions lead to rapid business development and immediately change a business’s market position. At the same time, M&A require a whole range of legal, organisational, managerial, financial, etc. competences. Transactions are ostensibly similar to "standard" purchase operations, though due to their specific subject-matter (company or undertaking together with employees, contracts, the entire regulatory environment, and financial and tax situation), they are not only highly complex, but also unique – each M&A transaction is different.

Until now, legal knowledge of the specifics of M&A has been dispersed among numerous fragmented publications. The Guide was written by lawyers from Domański Zakrzewski Palinka’s Corporate and M&A PracticeBartosz Marcinkowski, Maciej Ciszkiewicz, Sylwia Kuca, Michał Kucharski and Marcin Kuliński, who have at least several years’ experience in M&A.

So the Guide is of a cross-sectional and illustrative nature and the systematics adopted for the Guide result directly from the authors' experience. Thanks to this, DZP's publication is of exceptional practical value. Readers will find an accessible discussion of selected national and international M&A issues, including:

  • typical M&A transactions
  • critical phases and points
  • project management in M&A
  • acquisition of foreign companies
  • transaction documentation, including typical contract terms and pricing models
  • organisation of the due diligence stage
  • reps & warranties
  • start-ups from an M&A perspective
  • changes in M&A practice due to the COVID-19 crisis

The book can be purchased in paper form and as an e-book on the bookstore website.

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