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International Comparative Legal Guide – Public Procurement 2023


Katarzyna Kuźma
Dr Wojciech Hartung

Global Legal Group’s recently published “International Comparative Legal Guide – Public Procurement 2023” contains a chapter on Polish Public Procurement Law, authored by DZP experts Katarzyna Kuźma, Partner, and Wojciech Hartung, Counsel, from the Public Procurement Team

The guide provides a concise analysis of the most important current topics in public procurement law. The chapter on Poland deals with issues such as:

  • personal and material scope of application of the PPL,
  • contract award procedures,
  • exemption from application of the PPL (including in-house procurement issues),
  • legal remedies,
  • contract amendments,
  • privatisation and PPP,
  • other aspects relevant in terms of the PPL in Poland.

Details of the guide and the chapter itself (in English) can be found at ICLG.com.

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