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  • New DZP report on customs detention

    29.11.2010 We are pleased to present to you our Report on the Scale of Customs Seizures of Goods Suspected of Infringing Intellectual Property Rights in Poland and the EU written by lawyers in IP&TMT Practice.

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  • Practice in Poland – utilities largely owned by the public

    05.11.2010 Has your country adopted a new separate law to implement the 17/2004/EC directive?

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  • Class Action

    26.08.2010 The law on class action is one of this year’s most important legislative changes. It is unquestionably a step towards improving the efficiency of court proceedings and facilitating access to courts for people who cannot afford to start a lawsuit by themselves.

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  • Poland. A place to live and work (2010 edition)

    20.07.2010 Download the 2010 version of Poland. A place to live and work. This brochure is intended as a guide to help you acclimatize in Poland and to understand both different social and cultural conditions as well as legal and administrative regulations.

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  • Adding ambition to resilence

    15.05.2010 Polish companies are regional heavyweights in terms of size but largely domestic in focus. A wave of listings and privatizations could change that.

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  • Understanding Chinese Business Culture

    08.05.2010 DZP law firm has been described as the leader in its field in Poland. What hard facts support this assertion? Krzysztof A. Zakrzewski, managing partner at the DZP law firm, talks to Beata Gołębiewska-Chęciak.

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  • Working with Spaniards

    01.03.2010 Spanish developers have invested extensively in Poland. What has been the effect of the global crisis on this? Agata Demuth, a partner at DZP law firm, talks to Beata Gołębiewska-Chęciak.

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  • A guide to doing business in Poland

    08.02.2010 Download the 2010 version of Doing Business in Poland. The aim of this publication is to familiarise potential investors with the basics of the Polish business environment.

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  • Legal Advice Japanese-Style

    07.02.2010 Marcin Krakowiak, a partner at DZP, a law firm that includes a Japanese desk—a team of professionals specialized in providing legal advice to Japanese companies operating in Poland—talks to Beata Gołębiewska-Chęciak

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