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State aid and EU funds

We offer full-range advice on projects co-financed by EU funds and state aid (e.g. regional, sectoral, horizontal, for services of general economic interest and restructuring). 

We co-operate with institutions managing EU funds, with entities extending aid, and with state aid beneficiaries.

We also work with the State Aid Monitoring Department at the Competition and Consumer Protection Office (as regards notification proceedings) and with law firms in Brussels specialising in this field.

As regards the law on state aid and EU funds we offer:

  • preparation of analyses and legal opinions on applying for state aid in projects also co-financed by EU funds,
  • advice on structuring ventures and transactions to ensure they comply with state aid regulations,
  • advice to ensure that asset transfers carried out by public entities comply with state aid law
  • advice on ventures related to providing public services,
  • advice on state aid for restructuring processes,
  • advice on settling and monitoring projects co-financed by EU funds, e.g. as regards project sustainability, possibility of making changes to a project,
  • advice in appeals and litigation over co-financing,
  • advice on preparing documentation for notifying projects to the European Commission at both national and European level,
  • advice on appeals against European Commission decisions, including representation in proceedings before European courts.

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