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DZP advises Polish Hunting Association


DZP's Real Estate Practice has successfully concluded a case it was conducting for Polski Związek Łowiecki [Polish Hunting Association] over acquisition of rights to real estate at ul. Nowy Świat in Warsaw, which has been this well-deserved Association's registered office for many years. The real estate in question was, after reprivatisation, restored several years ago to the heirs of its pre-war owner, which raised a question over it continuing to house the PZŁ's head office.

Although at the end of WWII, PZŁ built its head office on the real estate from members' contributions and continued to maintain and renovate it for years from its own funds, due to the lack of the relevant decisions in the past the Association did not have effective legal title to the building. This had numerous adverse legal consequences.

Once its lawyers were engaged in the case, DZP carried out a detailed legal analysis for PZŁ of the reprivatisation process and based thereon proposed several options for further steps. When PZŁ chose one of the options suggested, DZP entered into negotiations with the real estate's current owner, which ended in a contract being concluded on PZŁ purchasing the disputed real estate on terms favourable for the Association, several easements being established as required for the real estate to continue to function, and also a settlement being concluded that definitively regulated the current owner's claims against PZŁ for non-contractual occupation of the real estate and PZŁ's claims for reimbursement of the outlays made by the Association on the real estate throughout the post-war period.

DZP's advisory to PZŁ also covered procedural aspects related to the end of the court case involving the real estate at Nowy Świat.

Thus a situation that was highly complex and difficult in legal terms ended happily for the Association.

The DZP lawyers who advised PZŁ were Lech Żyżylewski, Partner, and Piotr Gołaszewski, Associate.

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