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Reprivatisation claim experts




On 6 December Lech Żyżylewski, a reprivatisation expert and Head of the Real Estate Practice at our law firm, took part in a debate on "Reprivatisation claims  – a brake on the economy or a chance for development?" organised by the law firm Wardyński and Wspólnicy. Lech spoke on a panel for "Perspectives for bringing reprivatisation claims (using the examples of Warsaw land, agricultural and industrial real estate) and the effect of these claims on business in Poland".

The meeting was opened by Tomasz Wardyński, attorney-at-law, and the debate was started by Wiesław Szczepiński, attorney-at-law, who spoke about chances for and barriers to court and administrative reprivatisation after 1990.

Apart from Lech Żyżylewski, the panel was composed of Marcin Bajko and Jakub Rudnicki from the Real Estate Management Bureau at Warsaw City Hall, Rafał Rostkowski from the Department of Jurisprudence I (reprivatisation matters) at the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy, and Adam Starczewski and Janusz Kraszewski from Grupo Lar Real Estate Polonia. Krzysztof Wiktor lead the discussion and acted as moderator.

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