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DZP experts in PPP policy working group set up by Ministry of Development


Dr Wojciech Hartung
Magdalena Zabłocka

We are pleased to announce that on 7 July Magdalena Zabłocka and Wojciech Hartung were appointed members of a working group set up by the Ministry of Development to review the law on public-private partnerships and to draw up a government policy in this respect.

Zablocka Magdalena 34834495 Hartung Wojciech 25608615This government document is to give a clear message as regards wider use of PPP in infrastructure projects and to increase the efficiency of public and private sector co-operation. Many EU countries that have for many years been successfully carrying out PPP projects (e.g. Great Britain) have documents of this type. The group’s mission is to identify legal barriers and propose solutions allowing wider use of PPP by the public sector.

The group is the Ministry of Development’s advisory body and comprises, inter alia, government and local government representatives, entrepreneurs and now our experts too

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