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First Smog-free Day


Katarzyna Kuźma
Dr Anna Partyka-Opiela

The fifteenth of November saw the launch of the anti-smog campaign “First Smog-free Day”, organised by Global Compact Network Poland* and Grupa Walk. The campaign draws attention to the size of the smog problem. The campaign is to show that everyone needs clear air and that it is worth fighting for.

A team of DZP experts coordinated by Dr Anna Partyka-Opiela, Partner and head of the compliance team, is providing legal support for the campaign. As part of the anti-smog activities initiated by Global Compact, a report will also be drawn up on the fight against smog, with legal input prepared by the environmental team, headed by Katarzyna Kuźma, Partner in the Infrastructure & Energy Practice.  

For how long can you stop smog?

Holding your breath is the starting point for the First Smog-free Day campaign. Each registered held breath is time that is automatically added to the main counter. The aim is to engage as many people as possible and together collect 24 hours. You can participate in the campaign by making a film in which you hold your breath and posting it on Instagram with the tag @wstrzymajsmog. To start with, 50 campaign ambassadors have already collected over 45 minutes without smog.

Anyone can be a creator and with their film add a brick, which will be posted on a dedicated Instagram profile and at Thanks to this simple mechanism, you can easily join and express your involvement. It will also be a database of information about what you yourself can do to reduce smog.

The campaign is supported by Global Compact Ambassadors and figures from the world of culture, art, media, sport and show business, who have joined the campaign pro bono. To date, people who are involved include Robert Korzeniowski, Krzysztof Zanussi, Małgorzata Foremniak, Magda Gessler, Rafał Sonik, Aleksandra Popławska, Tadeusz Gessler, Agnieszka Cegielska, Leszek Lichota, Mateusz Damięcki, Krzysztof Ibisz, Julia Wieniawa, Szymon Hołownia, Rezigiusz, Joanna Jabłczyńska, ks. Adam Boniecki, Anna Skura, Paweł Deląg, Vienio, Katarzyna Bosacka, Patrick the Pan, Ajgor Ignacy, Wiktor Mrozik, Krzysztof Materna and Kędzior.

The final of the first phase of the campaign will be on 5 December this year, when a 24-hour film composed of people holding their breath will be shown at the Climate Summit (COP24) in Katowice.

The campaign is being carried out within the SDG 11 – Sustainable cities programme in support of global efforts to improve air quality. UN Global Compact is dealing with the fight against smog, because it supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) – relating to development and public health – particularly Goal 3.9 (by 2030 substantially reduce the number of deaths and illnesses from hazardous chemicals and air, water, and soil pollution and contamination).


Global Compact Network Poland:

This is a Polish network of members of United Nations Global Compact, launched in July 2001, with an independent secretariat. Global Compact Network Poland’s mission is to promote and support implementation of UN Global Compact principles (source: and its own initiatives for sustainable development with the participation of Polish businesses, institutional partners and the world of science and non-governmental organisations.


*Part of United Nations Global Compact – Initiative of the UN Secretary General

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