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Workshops for Kozminski University students


Dr Bartosz Marcinkowski
Michał Kluska
Marek Laskowski

Today, once again as part of our partnership with the Kozminski University, workshops for students of the "Innovation Management" specialization took place. Together with the students, we discussed how personal data and new technologies affect the management of a company. The topics discussed involved:

  • international overview of legal tech
  • emerging tech trends
  • supplier management under the GDPR

We would like to thank the students for their interesting discussions and valid points of view, excellent cooperation with the lecturers – Dr Kaja Prystupa and Dr Anna Olszewska – and for attending the meeting by Dr Bartosz Marcinkowski (who is DZP – Kozminski University partnership coordinator), Marek Laskowski and Michał Kluska.


Kozminski University has for many years occupied the first place among the Polish private non-public higher education institutions in Polish educational rankings and is classified in the prestigious Financial Times - Business School Rankings. Kozminski University has also gained three major international accreditations, including the American AACSB – an accreditation which is held by only 5% of business schools across the world, including such universities as Yale and Harvard. 

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