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DZP confirms an established position on the M&A market


In 2019 at DZP we advised on 24 M&A transactions. Mergers and aquisitions advice has been one of the most important areas of Domański Zakrzewski Palinka's business since its establishment in 1993. The total value was approx. EUR 3.47 billion.
We reported on some of these transactions in the past year:

We are unable to disclose all M&A transactions due to the specific nature of our profession and the clauses of our contracts with clients. However, we are extremely pleased and grateful to our clients that we have been able to support them in the implementation of interesting, demanding projects, both national and international.

The composition of our transaction teams is diverse – specialists from many practices are involved in M&A projects – and this is standard in our work. We tailor legal solutions by proposing solutions that take into account the specifics of the client's sector, which enables our clients to achieve their business objectives. As a result, last year, a total of 39 lawyers and tax advisers advised in M&A transactions under the guidance of 12 Partners from the Corporate and M&A Practice, the Capital Markets and Financial Institutions Practice, the Infrastructure and Energy Practice and the Tax Practice. The transaction lawyers were assisted by experts from DZP's other nine practices and 40 specialisations.

The implementation of 24 M&A transactions in 2019 confirms DZP's established position on the legal advisory market and is the result of the cooperation and commitment of our lawyers. For this success, above all we thank our clients, who placed their trust in us by entrusting their matters to us.

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