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Our whistleblowing platform – solution to facilitate compliance with whistleblower protection regulations.

How to comply with the Whistleblower Protection Act – DZP platform


The deadline for implementing the EU Whistleblower Directive is 17 December 2021. The Polish parliament is already passing a law that practically anyone who is aware of a breach of law in their professional environment can become a whistleblower.

This is why, using Microsoft cloud technologies, we have devised a solution to facilitate compliance with whistleblower protection regulations – a whistleblowing e-platform.

Who are whistleblowers?

According to regulations, not only employees in the narrow sense of the Labour Code but also persons cooperating with an organisation under a B2B contract, volunteers, interns, persons who are members of the bodies of a legal entity, and even former employees or those who participated in the recruitment process will be able to file a report.

Employer's obligations

Both private and public entities will be required to have internal arrangements (a whistleblowing system) for the safe, confidential or anonymous reporting of irregularities. Not only must secure whistleblowing channels be established, but employees must also be effectively informed of how they work. Moreover, whistleblowing must be handled not only by an appropriate, independent and competent entity within the organisation, but also in accordance with the principles set out in the law. This means that a whistleblower should receive feedback within set time limits and the employer must take follow-up steps (explanatory and remedial) and keep a register of reports

Tool to support employers

To meet the needs of businesses and authorities, DZP has prepared a whistleblowing platform which, using technology, facilitates compliance with the requirements imposed on employers.

The platform also serves to ensure the security of users, their data, applications, devices and identities and to monitor all parameters, thereby ensuring the legal safety of the entire organisation. It is a comprehensive solution for both receiving and managing reports.

The DZP platform was developed by lawyers from the compliance team headed by Anna Partyka-Opiela and experienced IT experts led by Marek Laskowski.

You can find out more about our platform in the following video:

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