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Dr Anna Hlebicka-Józefowicz lectures at Warsaw School of Economics in first courses in Poland on franchising


The first postgraduate course for franchise leaders in Poland started at the Warsaw School of Economics in 2022. The course implements a programme that is of an international standard and its aim is to build up knowledge and competence in managing a franchise system, both in Poland and abroad. The lecturers are people who have been involved in the subject of franchising and the franchise market for many years. Among them is Dr Anna Hlebicka-Józefowicz, head of DZP's regulatory and legislative advisory team, who is teaching a module on legal aspects of franchise relations.

The course curriculum focuses on a practical analysis of key aspects of franchise businesses and chains, i.e. management, legal, financial, marketing and HR aspects, while workshops held during the course enable students to develop interpersonal and management skills.

The course curriculum also complies with the assumptions of the Code of Good Practices for the Franchise Market, an industry self-regulation announced in 2021 and developed as a result of a joint initiative of representatives of franchisees and franchisors. The Code refines and elaborates on the provisions of the European Code of Ethics for Franchising and regulations setting the framework for franchising in Poland. Compared to the self-regulation adopted in other countries, it is distinguished by its broad scope of regulation and the highly specific dimensions of the obligations assumed by franchisors. Importantly, franchisee organisations can also join the Code and are equal participants in the self-regulation process.

Recruitment for the second course opened in June 2022. More information about the programme and the profiles of other lecturers can be found on the School's website.

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