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Dr Anna Hlebicka-Józefowicz – new Partner in DZP

We are pleased to announce that Dr Anna Hlebicka-Józefowicz, a renowned regulatory and legislative expert, has become a Partner in Domański Zakrzewski Palinka.

Dr Anna Hlebicka-Józefowicz has for years been developing advice on the law-making process at DZP. She represents business interests in the legislative process, advises on the creation of industry self-regulation and takes an active part in the debate on key legal changes. As a Partner, she will lead the Regulatory, Legislation and Compliance Advisory Team.

Led by Anna, the team will represent clients in matters relating to the law-making process and advise on the application of regulations in sensitive industries. In addition, in the area of compliance, the team will support clients in managing legal risks, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and implementing internal control systems.

"I am sure that, with Anna's undisputed position as an expert in the field of legislation and her engagement in the day-to-day work for clients, the team will spread its wings and gain recognition on the market," says Krzysztof Zakrzewski, DZP's Managing Partner.

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