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José Luis Villacampa Varea once again on the Board of the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce


During its General Meeting, the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (PPCC) elected a new Board. José Luis Villacampa Varea, Co-Head of DZP's Spanish Desk, was once again elected to the Chamber's Board for a two-year term of office.

João Brás Jorge, President of the Management Board of Millennium Bank, was re-elected President of the PPCC. The other members of the Board elected by the PPCC General Meeting are: Katarzyna Knapkiewicz-Dubińska, Maria Geraldes Meireles, Tiago Costa, Piotr Bienias, Adam Tencza, Bartosz Fedurek, Pedro Martinho and Piotr Komorowski.

DZP is one of the founding members of the Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, which has around 200 member companies. The Chamber works to strengthen relations between companies and undertakings interested in the Polish and Portuguese markets. DZP is an important partner of the PPCC representing the interests of its members. We are confident that José Luis Villacampa Varea's experience and involvement in the PPCC Board will once again be a valuable element in building relationships with DZP's Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking clients.

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