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Public Procurement Law in Poland Guide

Mini Guide – Public Procurement Law in Poland


Marcin Krakowiak
Katarzyna Kuźma
Tomasz Michalczyk
Wojciech Hartung
Michał Gajdek

Polish public procurement market - opportunities and barriers for foreign contractors

The Polish public procurement market is worth approximately PLN 300 billion (approx. DKK 500 billion) annually. Every year, Polish contracting authorities award about 130,000 contracts under the Polish Public Procurement Law. Many of them are won by foreign entities which are particularly active in the case of specialised procurement, especially in sectors such as energy, defence and health.

However, entering this highly attractive market can be a difficult process for many foreign entities, due to numerous legal and organizational barriers. DZP's public procurement team, in cooperation with the Royal Danish Embassy, has prepared a guide that comprehensively describes the Polish public procurement system and the entire  tender procedure, originally designed to Danish organizations.

Support for foreign contractors in public procurement in Poland

The purpose of the guide is to:

  • disseminate practical knowledge of the public procurement in Poland among foreign undertakings,
  • guide entrepreneurs throughout the tender procedure, from the time a public institution intends to award a contract to the conclusion of the contract with the selected contractor.

Our experts also suggest how contractors can compete successfully for public contracts in Poland and how to proceed in order to avoid formal or procedural errors that increase costs of entering the new market.

The guide is mainly addressed to foreign entities that would like to participate in the procedures for awarding public contracts as well as for the ones that already have initial experience in the Polish market and would like to compete more effectively for subsequent contracts.

To download the guide, please click on the following link and fill out the form.

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