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Contract signed for WiFi in Pendolino trains


On 28 August, in the Pendolino maintenance depot at Olszynka Grochowska in Warsaw, a long-awaited contract was signed for the supply of internet equipment for PKP Intercity’s ED250 Pendolino trains. The contractor will be the train manufacturer, Alstom, which will receive remuneration of PLN 31.7 million.

DZP represented PKP IC in negotiating the contract for wireless internet installations in Pendolino trains and for maintaining the WiFi system for five years.

Work on the project was carried out by a team of lawyers under the leadership of Aleksandra Auleytner, comprising Wojciech Dziomdziora, Wojciech Hartung, Paweł Paradowski, Katarzyna Kuźma and Michał Gajdek.

We congratulate both parties to the transaction – PKP IC and Alstom Konstal – and wish them successful cooperation.

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