How does my legal partner work?


We are pleased to announce that 5 lawyers, who have been associated with DZP for years now, have become Partners as of 1 July.

Among the new Partners are:

Przemyslaw Furmaga partnerPrzemysław Furmaga | Attorney-at-law

I advise clients mainly on domestic and foreign M&A transactions, acting for large corporations, private equity funds and smaller companies. I also support enterprise owners, especially family firms. I run training courses and workshops on M&A transactions and company law.

In my day-to-day work, I focus on understanding the client's business, effective communication and finding the best solutions.

Anna Glapa partnerAnna Glapa | Advocate

I specialise mainly in state aid, EU funds and other forms of aid. I also offer support to the transport sector. The team and I advise on multi-faceted undertakings, including restructuring projects. We work regularly with public and private companies, and with public institutions and the European Commission.

What is important for me at work is direct relations and a practical approach to our clients' legal problems based on our awareness of the market on which they operate.

Agata Mierzwa partnerAgata Mierzwa | Advocate

I have been advising clients on labour and social security law for many years. The team and I play an active part in negotiations with trade unions, employment restructuring and modelling optimum remuneration systems.

I am very well aware of what a sensitive field labour law is, which is why I always try first to get to know my client and his needs, treating even smaller projects with great regard. My specialist area is anti-discrimination law, so a large part of my time is devoted to cases and disputes in this respect.

Pawel Piorunski partnerPaweł Pioruński | Attorney-at-law

I started cooperating with the law firm over ten years ago. Since 2012 I have headed our Wrocław office.

I specialise in commercial and civil law, focusing primarily on international M&A transactions and commercial contract negotiations. I also advise clients in corporate matters at the pre-litigation stage and in court.

I always try to explain complex legal material and procedures clearly and by doing so, help our clients run their businesses.


Jose Luis Villacampa partnerJosé Luis Villacampa Varea | Abogado 

Since joining DZP, I have promoted and strengthened relations between Poland and Spain in various areas of the economy, as regards investments of both Spanish-speaking clients in Poland and Polish entrepreneurs in Spain.

I mainly advise clients operating in the construction and renewable energy sectors in Poland. I also head the team advising Italian clients.

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