Can I dispel doubts as to the status of real estate?

Unique experience in reprivatisation matters.

DZP's services for former real estate owners or their legal successors

DZP provides former real estate owners or their legal successors with full-range legal advice on the restitution of and compensation for property. Our services particularly include:

  • carrying out and drawing up (in the scope and form agreed with the client) due diligences of nationalised real estate to assess the desirability of taking reprivatisation measures or continuing with measures already initiated and the legal risks arising from these measures,
  • regulating issues concerning legal consequences, primarily succession matters, for the purpose of bringing reprivatisation claims,
  • regulating the legal status of real estate and providing direct access to specialist services covering the search for materials in archives (archive enquiries) and land surveying,
  • representing clients in all types of court and administrative proceedings over lost (nationalised) real estate,
  • negotiating on behalf of clients with current users (possessors) in all issues relating to real estate reprivatisation,
  • providing comprehensive services relating to the sale/purchase of reprivatisation claims,
  • advising on settlements with current (actual) users (holders) of recovered real estate and also on using such real estate (investing in recovered real estate) and disposing of it to third parties (trading in recovered real estate),
  • providing direct access to specialist real estate appraisal and management services.

Supported by our broad experience, DZP offers former real estate owners and their legal successors high-quality legal services in the above respect.

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