Marcin Pieklak


+48 22 557 86 33
  • Specialises in proceedings concerning the medicine reimbursement, the financing of guaranteed services, and tenders, conducted by administrative authorities and administrative courts.

  • Represents clients in administrative proceedings before authorities responsible for health care, including the Minister of Health, the Chief Sanitary Inspector and the Chairman of the National Health Fund.
  • He has advised in many reimbursement proceedings which ended in listing new, innovative molecules for various types of cancer, biological drugs or drugs used in rheumatology, virology and other serious diseases.
  • Acts successfully before common courts and administrative courts in cases related to the above matters.His professional experience includes advising the Minister of Health on various reimbursement matters.

  • Until July 2014, he was employed at the Ministry of Health Department of Medicine Policy and Pharmacy, where he conducted reimbursement proceedings, represented the Minister before administrative courts, and helped develop the current reimbursement practice.

  • Member of the District Chamber of Advocates in Warsaw.

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